3C Coaching Partners

Peir Allen

I am Peir Allen, PostPartum Wellness Life Coach and the Founder of RembemberYOU. RememberYou services include access to safe space to receive customizable virtual wellness support and guidance on all things wellness and motherhood, wherever you are planted.

Asante Cureton

“I’m a Certified Therapeutic Art Coach, partnering with 3C Wellness to offer therapeutic art sessions. I use art to help individuals, families, and youth 6+ who may struggle with anger issues, difficulty focusing, anxiety, hyperactivity, or difficulty with expressing emotions. I help you process feelings with intentional art exercises to support reducing stress, fear and anxiety.

Dashekia Miller

“I am Dashekia Miller, and I help women and couples navigate financial wellness to help set them up for success.”

Dashekia Miller is a young professional serving in the Army and Certified Financial Education Instructor whose passion is to help women and families thrive. She believes a sure way to do that is through financial education.

G.I.I.R.L. On Go

GIIRL on Go is a Community Coaching Organization, helping support young ladies ages 6+ in addressing emotional wellness and building esteem through our intentional life coaching and collaboration.Ashley S. Cureton Founded, Developed the Curriculum and executed the mission of GIIRL on GO in 2019

Gina Torres-Perryman

Like many, I have dealt with anxiety and depression throughout my life, and understand how stuck it can make you feel. I get it. Through therapy, medication, setting boundaries, the support of family and friends, and other lifestyle changes, I have been able to work through my struggles in order to do what really makes me happy.