Asanté Cureton
Certified Art Life Coach

Art is a language. Art has always helped me get through some of my most challenging times; one being suffering a injury while playing the biggest football game of my career at NC State University. Being able to use my experience and skills to help others, especially youth, is a passion that I am able to fulfil while in this role.

I am able to understand obstacles some young men, especially minorities and men of color, encounter with regards to being vulnerable. This motivated me to pursue Art Coaching in a therapeutic space. I use art to help youth 6+ who may struggle with anger issues, difficulty focusing, anxiety, hyperactivity, or difficulty with expressing emotions. I help youth process their feelings with intentional art exercises. I am not a mental health therapist , but a coach who will be there to support you or your child in their expression and growth.

To get in touch with me, complete the contact form on this website or register for a meeting on the youth groups page.

Asanté graduated from North Carolina State University with a Agricultural Engineering Degree. He is a Software Engineer and owner of CCure Arts, LLC. CCure is partnering with 3C Wellness to offer individual and group art coaching sessions (in person and virtually in the late pring/Summer 2022) for youth ages 6+.






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