Asante Cureton, Therapeutic Art Coach

"I'm a Certified Therapeutic Art Coach, partnering with 3C Wellness to offer therapeutic art sessions. I use art to help individuals, families, and youth 6+ who may struggle with anger issues, difficulty focusing, anxiety, hyperactivity, or difficulty with expressing emotions. I help you process feelings with intentional art exercises to support reducing stress, fear and anxiety.

I am a Girl Dad, Husband, former collegiate athlete, and have overcome a lot of obstacles as a black man in engineering and corporate America. Something that has always been there for me was art. It was literally my therapy. I was able to express myself through it when I no longer had sports as an outlet, and I learned it was a tool that helped me work through grief/loss, express when I did not have the words, and experience peace. Creative Art is a Language and a tool I share with my family and others through: partnering with companies, restaurants, and non-profits to offer paint parities; free to the public therapeutic art in the park events; and individual and group therapeutic art coaching sessions as a prosocial therapeutic addition to traditional mental health counseling or alternative for families and adolescents ages 6+.

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