Youth Esteem Coaching:

Giirl on Go

G.I.I.R.L. on Go: Esteem Coaching & Curriculum Girls 6+

GIIRL on Go is a Community Coaching Organization, helping support young ladies ages 6+ in addressing emotional wellness and building esteem through our intentional life coaching and collaboration.

Ashley S. Cureton Founded, Developed the Curriculum and executed the mission of GIIRL on GO in 2019. Ashley used her experience and knowledge as a Licensed Mental Health Clinician and Girl mom to inform the development of all things GIIRL on Go. Since then the following impact was made: The Self-Published GIIRL Mentality Journey Journal; GIIRL Mentality Support Group; GIIRL Mentality Support Group Train the Trainer; GIIRL on GO Mentor Program; GIIRL on Go Brush n' Brunch for girls; Collaboration with Title I schools, 501 C-3 Non-profits, Mental Health Agencies to bring the GIIRL Mentality curriculum to their programing.

GIIRL on GO is collaborating with 3C through their GIIRL Mentality Journey Program to share our impact as a support to address emotional wellness in girls as 9+!