Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. In order to provide you with the best therapeutic services, see you as soon as possible, promote flexibility, choice and confidentiality , we are not paneled with any in-network insurance plan other than CIGNA, Blue Cross & Blue Shield (BCBS), Healthy Blue and Aetna.

*We are an Out-of-Network provider with Blue Value and Home Blue. 

In-network provider means we have a contract with your chosen insurance plan. We have a contract that indicates the estimate rate at which your insurance company will agree to reimburse for your service. You have a responsibility for payment based on what your insurance will or will not cover.

Out-of-network means you are paying upfront for your service and based on your insurance plan may be reimbursed for part or all of your mental health treatment. We will provide you with a monthly paid super bill invoice for you to submit to your insurance if you would like. In order to do this, we will have to submit an official diagnosis, which will be printed on this paid invoice. *Depending on your plan, your health insurance may send you a reimbursement check for some or all of what you paid for your counseling services.

You can expect your insurance to be verified, online paper work to be sent to your email, and a meeting link sent to your email address.

Before an appointment is scheduled, our procedure is to collect information to verify benefits,  to have completed intake paperwork completed, and a valid card on file prior to being connected to a 3C Counselor.  3C administrative support responds within in 24 hours of all communication. This process length is dependent on how quickly you return requested information. Everything is completed electronically and all communication is completed via email unless there is a  disability that enables you to do so. 

Parental involvement is very important in order for improvement for youth to sustain outside of session.
  • We require you are available at the time of your child’s assessment.
  • We strongly recommend a minimum monthly check in with legal guardians and therapist.
  • Check in’s occur during your child’s scheduled session unless otherwise discussed.
  • We strongly encourage engagement in family sessions as recommended by your therapist.

Last-minute cancellations lead to unfulfillable time slots for therapists to help someone who may need it, so appointments canceled within 24 hours are charged in full. This is a policy we enforce for everyone equally and require a card on file for that reason. The exception to the charge would be an extenuating circumstance. We inform you prior to charging and will notify you if there is an issue with insurance coverage. In addition, we have a contractual obligation with insurance companies to collect copayments/coinsurances. If we are unable to collect, this could lead to a disruption in counseling services.

Our rates vary based on the service, clinician licensure status, specialties, and experience. The rates will range from $75-$200.

All of our therapists are independent contractors. 3C handles all inquiries , billings, and scheduling for therapist so they can focus on providing therapy. 3C does not do this for identified partners. We collaborate with partners through sharing core values, and being able to offer additional support to clients and further the 3C mission of creating safe spaces accessible to everyone, wherever they are planted.

In the past we offered Phone consultations as a way of getting to know if we are a good fit. What we found is we need more than 15 minutes to determine this and most clients would prefer this too.

The initial meeting will be your “New client Meeting Intake”. This is a time where you will meet the Mental health therapist, share your presenting concerns, and your clinician will assess if they are a good fit for supporting you with them. You will also get the opportunity to ask questions to see if the clinician is a good fit for you. Unless specifically requested, your appointment will be held virtually.

Therapy takes time and commitment. We recommend dedicating at least 4-6 weeks of individual counseling to see how you are applying the changes outside of therapy sessions. Some things to consider will also be how long are you committed to the process of the ongoing work, allowed session total by your insurance company, your schedule availability, and opportunity to set aside time for yourself.

This will depend on a couple of factors. But first, in our experience, people are able to gain the most from therapy sessions, when they are actively applying therapy take aways outside of session. The work can began in your counseling session, but will continue outside of it. Insurance, your availability, and willingness to do the work can also impact the frequency and duration of therapy sessions as well.

We develop treatment plans that help paint a picture as to what success would look like for you. This is an evolving agreement and we will check in on your goals to assess progress, reassess them, or add new ones. There is no ideal “end point” in counseling. However, there are some factors that can impact counseling ending. These may include: changes in insurance; relocation to a state your therapist is not licensed to practice in; changes in employment; or maxing out the allotted approved sessions by your EAP or insurance provider.

No. There are providers like ourselves, who want to make counseling accessible to everyone. Ask about sliding fee scales or reduced rate sessions. Having insurance to cover your services is ideal for some, but for others, they like having control over knowing how much they will budget as an investment in their mental health, predictability of the cost, and minimized chances of disruption in their therapy services.

All appointments are virtual and ALL in person appointments are by appointment only. We currently have an office space available for limited in person meetings. All clinicians do not offer in person meetings, so please look at their profile to verify if they will be a good fit for you. Our availability varies throughout the week Monday – Friday. Access to our Support team will be available 9am – 6pm Monday- Friday.

Our mailing and office location is 301 McCullough Drive, Suite 400, Charlotte, NC 28262

You can call us, schedule a call back, or send an email. The best way to contact us is through our email




We accept VISA, Master Card, Cash, Health Savings Account (HSA) as modes of payments.

Very Important: Know Your Benefits

If you decide to use in- network or out of network benefits, call your insurance company to make sure you understand your insurance coverage. We offer courtesy billing verification prior to your first appointment. However, this is always an estimate of coverage and can change based on your policy coverage.


Blue Cross Blue Shield

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1 (800) 997-1654

Healthy Blue

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1 (800)-872-3862