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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. In order to provide you with the best therapeutic services, see you as soon as possible, promote flexibility, choice and confidentiality , we are not paneled with any in-network insurance plan other than CIGNA, Blue Cross & Blue Shield (BCBS), Healthy Blue and Aetna.

*We are an Out-of-Network provider with Blue Value and Home Blue. 

In-network provider means we have a contract with your chosen insurance plan. We have a contract that indicates the estimate rate at which your insurance company will agree to reimburse for your service. You have a responsibility for payment based on what your insurance will or will not cover.

Out-of-network means you are paying upfront for your service and based on your insurance plan may be reimbursed for part or all of your mental health treatment. We will provide you with a monthly paid super bill invoice for you to submit to your insurance if you would like. In order to do this, we will have to submit an official diagnosis, which will be printed on this paid invoice. *Depending on your plan, your health insurance may send you a reimbursement check for some or all of what you paid for your counseling services.
When you contact 3C Wellness, our Intake Coordinator will contact you by phone or email within 24-48 business hours of your inquiry. Prior to your first appointment :

  1. You can request a free 15 min. consultation. This can be a an opportunity for you to decide if the therapist is a good fit for you prior to beginning services.
  2. Complete intake documentation 24 hours prior to your appointment. This will allow our billing team to verify your benefits and give an estimate for the cost of your session.
  3. Receive a reminder email for your confirmed appointment. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so 24 hours in advance or late cancellation fee will apply.
Parental involvement is very important in order for improvement for youth to sustain outside of session.
  • We require you are available at the time of your child’s assessment.
  • We strongly recommend a minimum monthly check in with legal guardians and therapist.
  • Check in’s occur during your child’s scheduled session unless otherwise discussed.
  • We strongly encourage engagement in family sessions as recommended by your therapist.
Yes. 3C Growth Team Clinicians have various training and skill sets to support individuals/families/couples with various mental and emotional wellness needs. The best way to identify if we can help you is through a free consultation.

3C Wellness does discriminate or deny services based on race, ethnicity or gender. The mission of specialized BIPOC counseling service is to recognize and support marginalized individuals in receiving culturally sensitive mental and emotional support and care. 

Please provide a 24-hour notice for the cancellation OR rescheduling of an appointment. Otherwise, the debit or credit card on file will automatically be charged $100. If you cancel or reschedule more than 3 appointments without 24-hour’s notice, your services will be terminated.

In order to authorize mental health treatment for your child, you must have either sole or joint legal custody of your child. If you are separated or divorced from your child’s other parent, I will ask you to provide documentation that establishes custody rights or otherwise shows that you have the right to authorize treatment. If you are separated or divorced from your child’s other parent, it is my policy to notify the other parent that I am meeting with your child.

Please contact us at support@3cwellness.info if you cannot find an answer to your question.



We accept VISA, Master Card, Cash, Health Savings Account (HSA) as modes of payments.

Very Important: Know Your Benefits

If you decide to use in- network or out of network benefits, call your insurance company to make sure you understand your insurance coverage. We offer courtesy billing verification prior to your first appointment. However, this is always an estimate of coverage and can change based on your policy coverage.


Blue Cross Blue Shield

1 (888) 630-2583


1 (800) 997-1654

Healthy Blue

1 (844)-594-5070


1 (800)-872-3862