Meet 3C Wellness!

Here are a few things to know about 3C Wellness: Counseling, Coaching and Consulting to a Better You!  

Our Mission: 

At 3C Wellness our purpose is to eliminate stigma around mental and emotional wellness and help you be a better you for you, through creating a centralized entity offering diverse holistic wellness supports and access to growth spaces, 

In order to explore ways to achieve goals, counseling can help one identify barriers; coaching/mentoring can help you overcome the barrier to reach your full potential; and consulting can help one gain access to mentor networks, get critical advice, and receive a non-time limited form of support. This is why we offer counseling, coaching and consulting support through partnership and collaboration at 3C.

Our Vision:

We aim to increase access to mental and emotional wellness services worldwide through creativity, compassion, and collaboration and help you grow wherever you are planted.

Our Values

  • Community: We value giving back to the community we serve through community service and human connection.
  • Competence: We aim to support our team and clients by providing tools and access to growth spaces to promote healing and self-improvement.  
  • Confidentiality: we respect your right to privacy while embarking on your personal journey.
  • Compassion: we aim for you to feel valued, respected and cared for during any interaction we have with you.
  • Collaboration: we value the power of connection amongst different supports and the impact it can have on a person’s journey. 
  • Creativity: we value creativity in our approach to providing support. 

We are looking forward to sharing our journey with you. If you are interested in beginning your self-improvement journey, contact us today!