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BIPOC Counseling

Do you identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color (BIPOC)? Have you experienced burnout, stress, and difficulties at work or in your relationships? Are you ready to find a safe space to heal with a therapist that can relate to and validate your experience? 

Brainspotting Therapy


Brain spotting therapy is primarily focused on discovering and alleviating trauma, and can help many different types of issues, especially since trauma’s effects are so far-reaching. This includes: anxiety, depression, substance abuse, chronic pain, attachment issues. “Where you look impacts how you feel”. Brain spotting locates points in your visual field that help to access unprocessed trauma in the subcortical brain.

Men's mental health issues and counseling

Men's Issues

There is a stigma that is affiliated with Men’s mental health,  impacted by misinformation and myths about mental health, cultural beliefs, social factors and self perception.  These stigmas can make it harder for men to access the help they need. For men their symptoms of mental health are more likely to look like aggression, violence, high risk activities, substance abuse, or physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach issues on feeling on edge. For some men, seeking support may feel vulnerable and result in hesitation about speaking to a mental health professional, or anyone. You do not have to “man up” or deal with your feelings alone. If this is you, reach out today to see how we can support you working through what you are experiencing.


Self-esteem: Me, Myself and I

Women's Issues

Did you know mental health disorders can affect men and women differently? 

There are some disorders that are more common and unique to women; such as mental disorders relating to hormone changes, pregnancy, perinatal depression, postnatal PTSD, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and perimenopause-related depression. Innately, women tend to be and take on the caretaker role, which can result in them forgetting who they are. There are studies that support women are more likely to experience more severe forms of mental health concerns than men across all age gaps. If you are looking for a safe space to explore who you are , who you are becoming, and to address your emotions wellness, reach out to us today. 

Gen-Z Anxiety & Depression Therapy

Adulting is getting harder. Maybe you are a non-traditional student returning to college later in life; a parent contemplating your next move professionally; a young adult uncertain about their career path; or a young professional navigating ageism in the workplace.

Whatever stage you are in, there is a reciprocal relationship between work , life, and emotional well-being. As an adult today, you have navigated things that no one could have prepared you for within the past few years. For example, economic stress from the cost of living increasing faster than wages; impacts of COVID on learning institutions, family, finances, death(s), health, travel, etc. Things that were once somewhat “plannable”  have become ambiguous ( i.e. graduating, vacations, going to prom, going to school on campus, work commutes etc).

These uncontrollable things may have you assessing where you are and where you are going in life, and in turn impacting you emotionally. If you feel you are losing control, lacking in direction, feeling unmotivated, your school/work performance and productivity has been impacted by life transitions, we see you.

Let us help address the emotional wellness aspect and support you in gaining direction and control.


Executive Counseling

Anxiety & Depression Therapy for Professionals

You feel more successful at work than you do in your personal life. You struggle with being present, experiencing happiness fully. Doubt sets in when relationships begin to feel meaningful and valid. You hold yourself to extremely high standards, then blame yourself if you do not achieve them. You appear to be successful and internally you feel something is still missing. You have difficulty viewing stress as a signal to take care of yourself. You feel determined to make your goals a reality, and do not want to lose your family, career, or yourself in the process… or maybe you feel you already have.


We help professionals, entrepreneurs, and company leaders reveal, confront, and heal from challenges and barriers that interfere with work life balance, work performance, and self-esteem. 

Substance Abuse/Use/Misuse Therapy

You find you are becoming dependent on a substance and negatively impacted in its abscence. Maybe you cannot focus, sleep, or eat without it. Maybe your day is not good, if you do not have it. Maybe you are struggling to cut down on use, close loved ones complain about it, or you have had an experience that has convinced you it is time to quit. Maybe you are uncertain what that will look like. There are legal and illegal substances that can engage a habit that can progress to an addiction. Addiction is an inability to stop using a substance or engaging in a behavior even though it is causing psychological, social, and/or physical harm.  We can help you identify, confront, and work towards your goal of reducing, quitting, or regaining control of your substance use.



Relational trauma refers to trauma that happens within a close relationship. This can be the result of abuse, neglect, abandonment, or enmeshment. This can occur in adult relationships as well as when there are traumatic interactions between caregivers and children during critical development phases. These interactions impact the child’s brain and create negative attachments that shape the way the child interacts with others throughout their life. We help you navigate and overcome through holding a safe space for therapy to occur.

Offered by all our therapists


 Brainspotting Therapy is primarily focused on discovering and alleviating trauma, and can help many different types of issues, especially since trauma’s effects are so far-reaching. This includes: anxiety, depression, substance abuse, chronic pain, attachment issues. “Where you look impacts how you feel”. Brainspotting locates points in your visual field that help to access unprocessed trauma in the subcortical brain. 

Anxiety Therapy for Millennial Parents

Anxiety Therapy for Milennial Parents

Does this sound like you? 

You can barely find time for yourself. Work life balance, where? What is that? You bring stress from work into your home. You have difficulty focusing, seem forgetful, can barely string together sentences, do not feel as confident as you once did. Maybe you are a new parent, trying to parent in ways that were not modeled for yourself, or working off of 2-4 hours of consistent sleep. You are adjusting to getting older, while not wanting to lose your youth. You are constantly worried about “your list” of to-dos, must-do’s, should do’s. You feel shame when you need help. You struggle to ask for help. You overthink about what happened in the day and run through scenarios on how you could have or wish you would have done something differently. You have to figure things out, while trying to learn from your parents, and do better for yourself. 

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Anxiety & Depression Therapy for Entrepreneurs

An Entrepreneur is : A person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.You are full of ideas. Guide by passion and purpose. Working hard to bring shape to your visions and thoughts for yourself. You hope you can keep the pace, but what if you do not? Solopreneur trying to manage everything alone, a part of a team of entrepreneurs, or a start-up dealing with institutional investors or venture capital firms, entrepreneurs often feel isolated. When you are starting, running or growing a business, it can become much like your baby. You may find yourself working unconventional hours, constantly thinking of ways to enhance your business. You reap the benefits, and are equally matched with the challenges that may arise with wearing multiple hats at the same time; maybe even at the wrong time. 


Have you ever said to yourself, “I need to step outside to get my thoughts together?”

You are not alone. There is scientific evidence that shows being outside and getting fresh air can help relieve stress; in return this can help you to think more clearly. 

Why not combine physical exercise with mental health? Some people enjoy the experience of movement while talking or feel more comfortable talking side-by-side, rather than sitting face-to-face in an office.  Walk and Talk therapy may be a great option for people who exhibit a lot of excess energy during sessions or for those who feel uneasy with maintaining direct eye contact and sitting still. Some therapists have noted that physical movement encourages psychological movement, and can even accelerate client breakthroughs.”(L. Diethelm, 2020)

Walk-and-talk is a form of psychotherapy or consultation while walking outdoors in public places. I offer walk-and-talk sessions as an optional treatment modality. Walking sessions typically take place in North, South, South West Charlotte. The location and date is discussed with the client and not advertised for confidentiality purposes. 

If you’re interested, we’ll decide beforehand if it’s clinically appropriate for your situation. Walk-and-talk sessions can be used intermittently or regularly, and may be discontinued at any time. 

Articles on the value of Walk and Talk Therapy



Therapeutic Creative Coaching is based on the idea that the creative act can be healing. 

Creative art can help express hidden emotions, and reduce stress, fear and anxiety. We are now offering therapeutic art groups co-facilitated by a Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Therapeutic Art Coach, Asante Cureton.

We provide 1:1 and group environments for art coaching, both in person and virtually. 

For in-person Participation:

Express interest in the group through requesting a consultation. Pay your deposit for your supplies and meet at the Hornets Nest Park, Freedom Park or Clanton Park (This will depend on the date selected).

For Virtual Participation:

After registration is completed, you will receive a “Art Kit” that will have all supplies needed for the therapeutic group. Registration is crucial in order for you or your child to receive the supplies on time. Sign up today

Who Can Benefit? 

This group is designed for youth ages 6+ who may have difficulty expressing themselves, difficulty focusing, challenges with communicating  and who are looking for creative therapeutic outlet. 

Art skills are not necessary in order to participate. Asante  will guide you through the process. Parents are welcome to participate.