Do you identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color (BIPOC)? Have you experienced burnout, stress, and difficulties at work or in your relationships? Are you ready to find a safe space to heal with a therapist that can relate to and validate your experience? 

Perhaps you are struggling with symptoms of anxiety, depression, and racial trauma. You may be internalizing the stress of everyday demands at work and at home, compromising your sense of balance. It could be that your familial relationships are strained because you’re having trouble regulating your emotions, communicating your feelings, or finding time and space for yourself to just breathe.  

Ashley Cureton
Relational trauma

While systemic problems exist, there is also a need in communities of color to break generational traumas, continue cultural traditions, and heal the family unit. We know, however, that there are both external and internal barriers getting in the way of people of color from seeking the therapy or clinical intervention they need to heal. 

Our team of culturally competent therapists at 3C Wellness are specially trained in culturally-informed techniques so that BIPOC individuals can feel safe, seen, and respected.