Does this sound like you? 

You can barely find time for yourself. Work life balance, where? What is that? You bring stress from work into your home. You have difficulty focusing, seem forgetful, can barely string together sentences, do not feel as confident as you once did. Maybe you are a new parent, trying to parent in ways that were not modeled for yourself, or working off of 2-4 hours of consistent sleep. You are adjusting to getting older, while not wanting to lose your youth. You are constantly worried about “your list” of to-dos, must-do’s, should do’s. You feel shame when you need help. You struggle to ask for help. You overthink about what happened in the day and run through scenarios on how you could have or wish you would have done something differently. You have to figure things out, while trying to learn from your parents, and do better for yourself. 



Anxiety Therapy for Millennial Parents

You're considered a Millennial if you're born between 1981 and 1996

You are navigating “adulting” differently than your parents. The impacts of social media, screen time, anxiety and uncertainty around racial disparities, COVID, the state of the world, mass shootings, were not as prevalent prior to 2010. You have your feelings about it, want to protect yourself, and the ones you love; especially your children.


The struggles you encounter today are different from those of your grandparents. We are here to help you and to hold space for you to be you. We will meet you where you are at, and help you when you feel you are drowning, tired, stressed, isolated. Your child(ren) deserves happy parents and you deserve peace and happiness within. Let us help you.