Ashley S. Cureton
LCSW, LCAS, LISW-CP/Executive Clinical Director & Clinical Supervisor

I specialize in supporting women of all ages and students in various stages of their career in doing "the dance" of personal goal achievement with addressing underlying barriers to it. I specialize in treating potential barriers such as ADD/ADHD, substance use, and panic disorders / anxiety .

I have an eclectic approach to helping individuals I work with. This includes flexibility with the treatment models and the treatment setting.

Although I enjoy talking and being a listening ear, I believe for true growth to occur, the root of the barrier to your personal growth must be addressed. This helps me, to help you, help yourself to move from seeking to pursing and living out the change you desire.

As a Licensed Mental Health and Addictions Specialist with specialized training in Trauma Focused CBT and Family Centered Treatment, I am equipped to support individuals, and families in a holistic way. After years of diagnosing and treating adults and youth living with ADD/ADHD as a licensed professional, I am pending certification as a Certified ADHD Professional. I look forward to speaking with you!

Ashley graduated with honors from NC State University, with her MSW & BSW. She is a Rostered Trauma Focused CBT Clinician through the Duke University National Child Trauma Treatment and offers coaching and consulting services. She is available to see individuals and families living in NC and SC.

All 3C Wellness therapists are trained in holding space for individuals within the BIPOC community.

professional growth consulting and clinical supervision

We provide a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive atmosphere that allows you to express yourself openly and freely. Our therapists can help you work through difficult personal issues, such as low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, trauma, and depression. We also provide dating and relationship counseling, divorce and breakup counseling, and career counseling. We can help you identify negative thought patterns and repetitive behavioral patterns that cause you pain. Then we can help you to develop positive skills and coping strategies that empower you to grow and thrive.

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