Dashekia Miller, Financial Coach

"I am Dashekia Miller, and I help women and couples navigate financial wellness to help set them up for success."

Dashekia Miller is a young professional serving in the Army and Certified Financial Education Instructor whose passion is to help women and families thrive. She believes a sure way to do that is through financial education.

From growing up in a house of 7 kids with little to no financial education to becoming a female breadwinner, she understands why money is one of the top reasons for divorce. To help save relationships, she has put together a program that allows women and families to start building their financial foundation.

Dashekia has coupled theory and experiences to transform her life over the last five years. She is now on a mission to bring those hard-learned lessons to help others do the same. Women and families who work with Dashekia are more confident in their relationships and fully equipped to manage their finances with budgeting, saving, and investing tools.

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