New 3C Wellness Logo Landscape

We are looking different!

3C Wellness, PLLC was founded in 2019, and officially launched in January 2020, with the mission to provide the three Cs, counseling, coaching, and consulting, under one roof. We have always believed in the power of collaboration and as we support mental health and wellness that belief remains strong. In order to explore ways to achieve personal and professional goals, counseling can help identify barriers, coaching/mentoring can help you overcome the barrier to reach your full potential, and consulting can help you gain access to mentor networks, get critical advice, and receive a non-time limited form of support. Also, having support after therapy is complete or as layered support to your therapy journey is an asset. This is a gap we aim to fill. 

Why the change?  

We want our brand to be reflective of who we are evolving into and our emphasis on growth and wellness. Although our initial logo and branding were reflective of us at that time, we want our brand to reflect all of the three Cs and not only counseling. Change for us has looked like innovation, inspiration, and increased access to services and our team and our look should reflect that as we continue to evolve.

What is different?

In short: our style, services, and your access to them. To embrace our growth, we decided to completely switch up our branding to precisely capture our essence as a wellness company and agent for growth. With that, you will see a new logo, new brand colors, a new website, and more content on social media platforms! You will also notice we are incorporating independent partnerships to increase access to coaching and consulting support.

Our “ Why” behind the logo?

Our logo is a seedling growing into what it is destined to be. When brainstorming what we wanted our brand to say, “grow wherever you are planted”, stuck with us. To grow, we must change. Sometimes that change does not feel comfortable, but it is necessary. We take pride in using our 3Cs to help “water” you when you need it, find the sunlight when times are dark or shady, and create a solid foundation to grow and thrive wherever you are planted. 

How did you choose these colors?

Our colors were inspired by elements most plants need to flourish. We chose green for the plant itself, yellow inspired by the sunlight and blue for water. Plants contain positive energy that can be used for healing and benefits the mind, body, and soul. Therefore, plants can boost your general health, mood, and well-being for a positive, healthier life. This is what we want to help you do and so we gravitated towards color choices that align with it. 

Who will benefit from these changes?

Anyone who is interested in growing, healing, and moving forward to where they want to be in life will benefit from this shift in focus. This includes and is not limited to individuals seeking mental wellness counseling, substance abuse counseling, counselors seeking employment, and entrepreneurs interested in collaborating with us. 

We are excited to celebrate this new journey with you!