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3C WELLNESS, PLLC: Counseling, Coaching, & Consulting to a Better You!

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Our Mission: 

Eliminate stigma around mental and emotional wellness and help you be a better you FOR YOU.

Who is 3C?

We are a collective of Independent Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Wellness Coaches, and Experienced Consultants with with shared values, mission, and goal of helping you grow emotionally, personally, and professionally. Together we are a Growth Team, here to help you grow where you are planted. Click Here to learn more about our Guiding Values.

Who we support?

We support anyone age 6-65+ appropriate for virtual outpatient level care. We share a specialized interest in supporting  individuals ages 10+.  Whether you are a Professional, Parents, Entrepreneur, Creative, or Student, we are here to hold space for you through our specialized service to help you work towards emotional and mental wellness.  Each independent Licensed Counselor has their own additional specialties and interest. Check them out!

Our approach to providing support…

We contract with independently licensed mental health therapist, and partner with certified wellness coaches, and experienced consultants  to provide accessible, diverse, and creative approaches to virtual counseling, wellness coaching, and consulting services.

Where do we offer support?

We offer virtual appointments to individuals located in NC and in person appointments at our charlotte location by appointment only.

How and What We Can Help With

We Offer Suport Through...

Specialty Areas


Are you looking for a safe space where you can grow with a therapist you can relate to? We have experience with supporting individuals and families identifying with the BIPOC, who are navigating various challenges to healing that historically is woven into the experience of being a BIPOC in America. 

This may include developing healthier coping skills and recognizing defense mechanisms that helped you survive lived experiences like having to grow up too soon, being the “man” or “mom” of the household, the impacts of an absent parent(s), single parent households, community violence, and/or substance abuse/misuse. 

Maybe you are navigating how to deal with microaggressions, imposter syndrome, and breaking undesirable generational patterns.  Maybe these are the same defense mechanisms that contribute to some valuing emotional restraint, hyper-independence, and caretaking. We are offering a space where you can feel supported and respected.  

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